Energetic and honest. Dependable and flexible. Alive and perfectionist. Elegant and colorful.
Seven personalities and one team. We are the Highly Trained Monkeys.

Our main profile is to create the best possible ambiance and mood for any company event, wedding, ball or conference-related social occasions. We know that every particular event is different, however our goal is always the same: to provide quality, live-music entertainment, to create a real concert-experience and a party to remember.




Our primary task is to make the audience feel good, so we provide a unique set of songs from our rather colourful repertoire for each occasion to match the event and the needs of the customer. Whether it be ambient music with smooth lounge and blues tunes, classic rock & roll or contemporary hits, the Highly Trained Monkeys provides a service for nearly all occasions, with a special focus on a top-quality technical background (audio and light hardware, karaoke show, etc.) and the maximum possible flexibility to match requests from the customer and the audience.

Our debuting performance was for a Christmas party of an international organization. Since then we have played for hundreds of soldiers in an airplane hangar, played high above Budapest in the Buda Castle, at the garden-party of the US Embassy in Budapest, for a crowd of thousands in front of the Saint Stephen's Basilica and on intimate charity dances. Once we had the bride playing together with the band, while the groom danced on the tabletop and we have seen how the rock & roll vibe could overcome the very sophisticated, fancy-dress audience, given the occasion.

This is clearly not just a task for us.
It’s a profession, a calling and a passion as well.


Andris - bass ANDRIS BASS
Roland - perscussion ROLAND PERCUSSION
Laci - lead guitar LACI LEAD GUITAR
Szabi - rhythm guitar Szabi RHYTHM GUITAR
Gyuri - keyboards GYURI KEYBOARDS


„Music is the best remedy for me, in all situations of life.”

My life has been revolving around music since I was a kid. I used to be a classical violin player, performing around Hungary and in the neighbouring countries, yet I was always drawn to singing. University life and life itself has put some distance between music and me, but I soon returned, this time around to jazz and popular music, which ultimately led me to the band. I felt at home since the first moment. Every rehearsal means improvement, every concert is awesome, this is a group of professionals, yet they pour all their heart into music. This is how it’s worthwhile and I’m happy to be a part of it.


„There’s only one way to learn how to sing and make music: well. Afterwards, every style offers something fascinating.”

After multiple choirs, an acapella-sextet, musicals, two hard-rock bands, I became the singer, band-leader and technician of the HTM. The vibrant musical flavours so inherent in this band due to the various backgrounds of the members and the colourful setlist we have provides a unique experience for every rehearsal and every performance. Moreover, one can always learn something new from this many excellent people and musicians. It is pure joy to manage this band since 2009, this is why the band is more than a run-of-the-mill gigging band.


„Many consider them as simple bass notes. For me they are the bridge between rhythm and harmony.”

In these 18 years of playing bass guitar, I had the chance to play in a lot of bands with a multitude of styles. Pop and rock bands, professional party bands or in a theatre orchestra. Among such varied roles, HTM is the solid ground, with its own variety. In the past 6 years HTM has grown into a mature working group and circle of close friends of 7 people with very different way of thinking when it comes to music. These aspects, the social and the professional unity gives the strong foundation upon which the band is able to provide a unique performance.


Before I became a highly trained monkey, I made noise mostly in jazz and funky bands. It is a great pleasure to play along with such a great team and such great musicians. Also, HTM is truly useful for my progress as a musician, as we experiment with a lot of styles, infusing the songs with our own traits, while still trying to recreate the theme of each song, whether they be some rock tracks from the 80’s or contemporary pop.


„I adore these unforgettable stage-moments of our live shows.”

I am excited by a great many types of music, mainly because the people behind the music radiate their spirituality through them. I am interested in gregorian, funky, meditational, pop, rock, flamenco, blues and various folk music. However, with the possibilities and tones of the guitar I have found myself.
HTM is no longer just “the Band” in my life, but a group of friends forged throughout the years by the challenges we faced. The studio sessions, concerts, lugging your rig around after a concert in the early hours of the morning all provided me with unforgettable moments that I cherish.


I began learning to play the guitar at the age of 10 in Pécs, and went on to play rock music during my high school years, as usually everyone, I guess. After graduation I started to open up towards jazz and music based on improvisation in general, which brought me to Budapest. Currently I teach guitar in a music school near Budapest and I perform in a number of permanent and temporary bands. In terms of the HTM, I was the last one to join the current line-up. Gyuri (keyboards), who was at the time my classmate in the Premier Music School, asked me to join. Luckily, we have hit it off immediately on the first rehearsal, as if we’d been playing together for years, so it was not a question that I wanted to be a part of this.


„The keys are but monochrome, but still my task is to make the sound more colourful with them.”

The skill and attitude required to become the member of the HTM have been provided by ten years of classical piano education and playing in multiple bands with very varied style. What really sets the HTM apart from my previous experiences is not just the “musical humility and respect”, but the friendly synergy of the members. Besides observing the stylistic variety and its connotations of our repertoire, we still try to make the songs of our own and thus giving a truly honest performance.


Anett és Tamás "Thank you for the excellent audio setup, the additional songs you have learned for us and the flawless party you provided. You greatly contributed to make this day exactly the way we dreamed of."

- Anett and Tamás
Gozsdu Skyterrace "The HTM is a clearly professional band. They make quality music and it’s really good to work with them. They have been playing on multiple occasions on the events of the Gozsdu Skyterrace and always managed to create an excellent vibe. They are dynamic, flexible, dependable and colorful. I am happy to work with them in the future as well."

- Gozsdu Skyterrace
Patti & Zsolti "Choosing the Highly Trained Monkeys for our wedding was probably one of the very best decisions we have made during the organization of our wedding. We wanted a youthful band with a unique sound who play music for all ages …. whose concert we would go to. Besides, I can only tell positives about the band. They were exceptionally dependable, precise and fair - everything went down as we have discussed it beforehand. This team is perfectly in sync and comes with wealth of experience: we could trust them to handle everything and we did that right. Our guests recall the incredible atmosphere and remember the reception as one of the best parties of their lives! Thank you for being our wedding band, we are your fans now!"

- Patti & Zsolti
Szilvi és Peti "We first met the band on a club concert, where they really tore the place up. It’s evident how much they enjoy making music together and it’s easy to see the harmony between the singers and the other musicians. It is a priority for them to make the audience feel good, so it was not a question to ask them to play on our wedding party. They are well prepared, dependable and absolutely professional. Thank you, guys!!"

- Szilvi and Peti


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